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To promoters

Parter.ua is a reliable and trusted ticket operator in Kiev. The site sells tickets for popular events in the capital: concerts, theater performances, children's shows.

Here you can easily and quickly find the right event, pay for tickets immediately on the site and receive them by e-mail. This is due to the coordinated work of the IT system, as well as the call center team, which helps customers with any questions.

Ticket selling

To help you hold the event in a paid entrance, we start selling tickets online and through a wide network of offline ticket offices (a total of 26 points in Kiev). If necessary, we organize entry control and sales directly at the venue.

Advertising and promotions

Upon request, we provide advertising services: launch banner and search advertising, promote events in social services. networks, do emails and highlight the event on the site.

We regularly hold discounted promotions on the eve of the holidays: this helps to highlight the event on the poster and stimulates sales. You can launch an action for your event both within the framework of the general promotion campaign, and make a special offer with promotional codes for a limited number of people.

Request for cooperation: [email protected]