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1. How to buy a ticket?

Place an order and pay on the website or at the box office in Kyiv .

2. How to pay for a ticket?

1. On the site by card of any bank
2. On the site through Apple Pay, G-Pay, Masterpass
3. Cash or card at the box office

3. What to do and where to run if the ticket did not come by e-mail?

First, check your Spam / Spam folder (sometimes the tickets get lost there).
Check your Profile on Parter.ua. The profile is created automatically, authorization takes place at the e-mail address that was specified when placing the order. If you have forgotten your password, use the "Forgot your password?" form.
Make sure that the payment was successful (contact your bank if you paid with a VISA / MasterCard), and then send a request to [email protected]

Due to the pandemic, our managers work from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00.

4. How to return the ticket?

See the terms in the "Refund" section.

5. My name is not on the ticket. Can I use it?

Yes, at the entrance scan a unique barcode of the ticket. The name on it does not matter (only occasionally the ticket can be registered, as you will be notified when ordering). Therefore, you can easily buy tickets for your friends and family.

6. What to do if the ticket on the form is lost or destroyed?

To renew a ticket, send a request to [email protected] , indicating in the topic "Втрата кивтка". Describe the situation and indicate the phone number that was registered when buying the ticket, as well as all other details of the order that you have (order number, place of purchase, name, etc.). Also add a passport photo for additional identification. After checking the request, the manager will decide to renew the ticket if he receives enough evidence that you are the buyer of the ticket.

7. Is it possible to check the authenticity of a ticket that was not purchased in Parter.ua?

No. Parter.ua is not responsible for tickets purchased from the hands. Even if the ticket is present in our system, it does not guarantee admission to the event.

8. What is the Service Fee?

It is a fee for order processing, service and our work.