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Groom called, girls?

16 July 2020, Thu. 20:00
from 13.84 EUR

About event

Groom called, girls? in Kiev will be held at Freedom Hall 2020-07-16, 20:00. Choose tickets for Parter.ua online or with courier delivery. Or order on the website to pick up tickets on forms at the nearest ticket office.

WHY IT IS VISITED TO VISIT THE PERFORMANCE “The bridegroom was called, girls?”

1. Roles are performed by honored and national artists of Ukraine.
2. Witty dialogues and comic situations will lift everyone's mood.
3. Actual plot and witty dialogs.


On July 16, an exciting performance will unfold in front of the audience on the stage of Freedom Hall. This is a story about two single women in age, two sisters. One of them is an actress in the past, and the second has lived all her life with her. Now they live in a spacious apartment, which previously served as a theatrical dormitory, repair cranes and remember their past. It would seem that everything would be fine, but now the eldest sister comes to mind to marry the youngest. And in a uniform, with similar quiet days of life, something begins to happen.

The marriage agency enters the game. Grooms appear one after another, and sometimes not even one. But all of them are ahead of the plumber, whom the ladies take for a true groom. As a result, everyone is in love! And the whole process of clarifying relationships is accompanied by witty dialogues and comic situations. It turns out that just take a step and everything will be possible: dreams that seem unrealistic are actually quite feasible.

The performance will delight you with a lot of comic moments and witty dialogs. And most importantly, it will teach you to believe in your happiness.

Cast : People's Artist of Ukraine Tamara Yatsenko, Honored Artist of Ukraine Tatyana Sheliga, People's Artist of Ukraine Evgeny Paperny, Honored Artist of Ukraine Dmitry Lalenkov, as well as Oleg Kovalenko and Sergey Kuchera.
Stage Director : Vladimir Borisyuk.