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Only yours

22 December 2020, Tue. 19:00
from 6.92 EUR

About event

Only yours. Comedy of Love.

Let's talk about Love, okay?

A cocktail of feelings with a fair share of humor and ... well, without it - light sadness.

In anticipation of a guest invited to a romantic candlelight dinner, she remembers and lives the brightest moments of life

The woman remembers her three main husbands: the sweet boy Paul, with whom she lost her virginity at sixteen, the married director Jack, whom she had been waiting for for years, and the elderly George, the perfect man for nausea. She seeks love all her life, finds, loses and goes in search again.

There are no winners or losers in the territory of Love. There is only feeling - passion and desire of the heart. She and the three main men in her life. Girlfriend, mistress, wife? In all guises, she remains a woman, trying to find the only one, the real one, with whom you want to wander the streets, holding hands ... "

Kateryna Kisten, Honored Artist of Ukraine, Kyiv Academic Theater in Pechersk.
Oleksiy Vertynskyi - People's Artist of Ukraine, actor of the Kyiv Academic Young Theater.
Danylo Marzhets is an actor of the Kyiv Academic Theater for Young Spectators in Lypky.
Kiyashko is an actor of the Kyiv Academic Theater on the Left Bank of the Dnieper.

Director - Zhanna Bogusevich, Chas Ch Theater
TE-ART Theater Agency
Producers - Tetyana Edemska., Victoria Zhabenko, Olena Novokhatko.
Olga Semeshkina is a choreographer.
The play is in Russian with an intermission.