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9 December 2020, Wed. 19:00
from 44.95 EUR

About event

LP. HEART TO MOUTH TOUR in Kiev will be held at the Palace of Sports 2020-12-09, 19:00

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Why is it worth going to an LP concert?

1. Sing your favorite hits in tune with the star.
2. Get a sensory energy charge from an amazing performer.
3. Enjoy live performance of your favorite tracks and new hits.

LP on the Sport Palace

The concert of the talented LP will take place on April 16 at the Sports Palace. The singer will perform songs from the fifth studio record, Heart To Mouth, as well as the most popular tracks. To miss this show is impossible!

A great LP concert in Kiev as part of the Heart To Mouth tour

The singer with incredible energy has long made hits for many US top performers. However, the LP itself gained popularity after the release of the full-length Lost on You (2017). The eponymous track from the album became platinum in Poland, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, France. Video views on Muddy Waters, When We're High and Lost On You songs in 2018 have exceeded 280 million. The popularity phenomenon was written by Rolling Stone, Vogue and Out, and the LP itself became a welcome guest of the TV show, including Jimmy Fellon.

The path from Lost on You to Heart To Mouth

The records that came out after the iconic album Lost on You reinforced the popularity of the artist. In the latest Heart To Mouth, the singer with her frankness speaks of love, fear, uncertainty, infidelity and redemption. The album combined pop, rock and electronic sound, and the amazing vocals and LP style made the record truly sensual.