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3 December 2021, Fri. 20:00
from 13.49 EUR

About event

KURGAN FEAT UNIT in Kiev will be held at ATLAS 2021-12-03, 20:00. Choose tickets for Parter.ua online or pick them up on forms at the nearest ticket office.

Are you tired of autumn? not happy? lifted the tik current music? not enough energy? Todi we go to you !!!

We are not going with empty hands, but with a new album, which is not similar to those who were robbed before. So come and hear yogo, and then you decide for yourself to show you: "wow, it sounds great" or "no, it was better before." But the main thing is to know, sho RURAL FIGHT I LOVE, you will feel it to your loved one. So sho take masks, antiseptics and come before us to the station, we will get a haircut last time and hang out) Peace to all the silans