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25 October 2020, Sun. 20:00
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About event

Editors in Kyiv will take place in Stereo Plaza on 2020-10-25, 20:00. Get your tickets online or with courier delivery. Or make an order to collect them

at the nearest ticket box.

Editors return to Ukraine after a three-year break. Notable British rockers will perform at Stereo Plaza in 2020. For the first time, they have conquered the audience at the Zaxidfest festival, and now they are preparing for a concert debut in Kiev.

Why is it worth going to an Editors concert in Kiev?

1. To hear live the best songs from all albums for more than 15 years.
2. Charge the energy of the modern British year.
3. Singing and dancing with your favorite band is a real pleasure.

Editors at the Stereo Plaza stage on October 25th

They are known for their outstanding live performances and the eccentric behavior of frontman Tom Smith. All of their albums have sold millions of copies, and two of them have gone platinum. Many tracks were in the top 10 of the UK chart, and the debut - The Back Room - was nominated for the Mercury Prize.

Editors are going to Kiev to present a best-of-album presentation called Black Gold. It included the best songs from all 6 albums of the band plus three new ones: Black Gold, Upside Down and Frankenstein, which was shot in Ukraine. Black Gold CDs and CDs fly out instantly.

According to frontman Tom Smith, the idea of such a release was ripe for a long time, but still did not reach hands.

The best-of-album talk has been going on for the last three to four years. But every time, it seemed to us that the time had not come, as new songs were born of flow. However, now is the right moment.

Black Gold is an opportunity to showcase the development of Editors over the last 15 years. And also a great way to get to know their creativity from people who haven't listened to the band before.

We are still in the process and I am proud of this fact. They say that being a long-lived person today is not cool, but I don't think so. With Black Gold, we have fixed a new version of Editors that has been starving for concerts and new songs. We felt out of the ordinary music process, but we always wrote tracks that picked people up and resonated at a deep level inside. This may sound pretentious, but there are many people for whom Editors are more than a group. That's what I've wanted all my life, - admits Tom Smith.

So get ready to open your hearts and souls to the noble madness of Editors. And this is no joke.