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Киевский драматический театр "Браво"

Kyiv, ул. Олеся Гончара, 79

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The Bravo Theater in Kiev is a creative formation that has no analogues in Ukraine. The first private theater of the capital was founded by Lyubov Titarenko, Honored Artist of Ukraine. Under the guidance of a talented leader, an once ambitious project that many did not believe in turned into an independent scene. Over its many years of history, the temple of art has become a favorite vacation spot of metropolitan culture lovers. The theater is located at ul. Olesya Gonchara, 79.

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The Bravo Theater invites you to:

  • performances for an adult audience;
  • children's productions;
  • holiday programs;
  • creative meetings.

Lyubov Titarenko founded her own theater, driven by the desire to develop stage art in the direction that will be interesting to the modern audience. The troupe of the theater included experienced artists Valery Sivach, Olga Radchuk, Valentina Ishchenko, Tamara Yatsenko, as well as a team of aspiring promising actors. The first production was a comedy based on the play by Alan Eyckborn “Murderous and Unique”. Initially laying the philosophical foundation of hope and optimism, the team to this day maintains a bright and positive atmosphere of performances.

The repertoire of the Kiev Drama Theater “Bravo” includes mainly comedies of modern Ukrainian and foreign authors: Nadezhda Ptushkina, Mark Kamoletti, Bogdan Gnatyuk, Alexander Galin, Joe Orton. Nevertheless, at different times, performances based on the plays of the classics — Ibsen, Chekhov, Gogol — also appeared in the tetra poster.

We must pay tribute to the skillful leadership of Lyubov Titarenko, who played many vivid roles in the productions of Josephine and Napoleon, Marry Me, Dear Pamela, or How to Sew an Old Woman, and many others. The actress is also the author of some theater works.

The Bravo Theater, according to Lyubov Titarenko, plays everything that surrounds people every day. At the same time, the main theme raised in the performances is the relationship of representatives of the stronger and weaker sex - men and women. Theater comedies always cause a storm of emotions among spectators who laugh and cry with the characters on stage. Problems, joys and pains - everything that our life is about is vividly and vividly displayed in the talented play of the actors.

But not a single repertoire ... The Bravo Theater is also an extraordinary interior. Laconic and restrained style decoration creates an atmosphere of sincerity and sets up for a pleasant stay. Thanks to the harmonious combination of small details, the theater acquired regular spectators. His room is never empty. Both domestic politicians and foreign diplomats come to visit. And you can discuss the premiere you watched with friends over a cup of tea or something stronger at a local restaurant.

How to buy tickets for events at the Bravo Theater

The current theater poster is available on the Parter.ua website. Choose a performance, mark convenient places on the hall scheme and proceed to ticketing. The whole procedure will take several minutes. You will receive electronic tickets to your e-mail. You can also order ticket delivery.

Киевский драматический театр "Браво"

Kyiv, ул. Олеся Гончара, 79