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18 September 2022, Sun. 19:00
from 580 UAH

About event

Vomitory in Kyiv! October 9 at the Volume Club in Kyiv - the legendary Swedish death metal band Vomitory with a big concert.

Why go to a Vomitory concert in Kyiv?

  1. Real brutal death metal from the cult Swedish band.
  2. An explosive program of the best hits for maximum enjoyment.
  3. Impressive world-class show.

Swedish death metal band Vomitory in Kyiv: don't miss the big concert

On October 9, the Volume Club will host a loud concert of powerful and famous Vomitory! Cult death metallers from Sweden are returning to play a few concerts in the largest cities of Ukraine. So expect a truly explosive program from the legendary team. Be sure to come!

Tickets are quickly disassembled: have time to order.

Anniversary of the albums Raped in Their Own Blood and Opus Mortis VII: the band Vomitory returns with a special performance

In Kiev, the famous band will present a cool performance. Together with their Ukrainian fans, the musicians will celebrate the 25th anniversary of their first album Raped in Their Own Blood and the 10th anniversary of Opus Mortis VII. The best songs will be performed live at the concert.

The band's 30-year history has been marked by many events. 8 full-length albums were created, hundreds of concerts were played in the world, spectacular performances took place at iconic European music festivals. Vomitory experienced disintegration and reunification.

Now the Swedish team is again determined and ready to shake everyone with its branded old-school death metal!

Are waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets for the Vomitory concert in Kyiv?

You can quickly get tickets for the Vomitory concert in Kyiv online on the Parter.ua website.