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19 September 2020, Sat. 17:00
from 4.84 EUR

About event

VISUAL UNITY Art Music Show in Kiev will be held at the Volume Club 2020-05-09-09, 16:00. Choose tickets for Parter.ua online or with courier delivery. Or order on the website to pick up tickets on forms at the nearest ticket office.

Tired of the same gray rock concerts? Do all groups seem to be on the same face?

#ost #visual_kei #metal #anime #jrock


1. An opportunity to visit a bright ambitious rock show.
2. Listen to live, atmospheric, modern music.
3. Hear your favorite songs from popular anime, movies, and video games.

#fest #live #japan #drive #covers #concert

VISUAL UNITY is a musical-visual art performance, where everyone can listen to both the music of rock bands and be inspired by their atmospheric images. And, of course, become participants in an interesting show program.

#geek #sound_track #video_games #alternative

Two similar, but at the same time maximum contrasting bands will play for you.

SAND NEST - young and promising artists working with the visual cyberpunk style, will present the world of instrumental music, full of modern electronic effects. Sincere emotions and atmosphere are the key ingredients of the genre that musicians will introduce.

MIAZM - will show the true essence of a person from the inside: from light laid-back rock compositions to powerful metal. Musicians will give you an unforgettable drive and allow you to feel the maximum depth of mood - from sadness to hatred - complementing all this with a bright and memorable appearance in the style of "visual kei".

#post_rock #atmosphere #cosplay #masks

The program will also sound music from such popular titles as: Silent Hill, Death Note, Naruto, League of Legends, Undertale, Full Metal Alchemyst, Attack on Titan, Skyrim, as well as covers for famous Japanese bands Dir en gray, the Gazette, MUCC, Maximum the Hormone.

And finally, you will find different contests, surprises, gifts, "secret" show artists, draws, free photo sessions and much more.