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Encore performance "Masculinity. Oneness"

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24 February 2023, Fri. 18:00
from 13.49 EUR

About event

A brilliant comedy of situations by the famous French authors Jean-Jacques Bricker and Maurice Laseg.

The performance is a holiday, for some reason the audience almost always associates it with the New Year. The work is full of sparkling humor and is intended for those who need to lift their spirits. Easy and extremely pleasant! Fat and delicious jokes, as well as excellent acting.
Can a man have maternal feelings? Can a woman wait for a friend and meet an inseparable friend? Can a housekeeper become an aide-de-camp at the Pentagon? Can a people's deputy be honest while remaining corrupt? Can the call of blood force the truth to be hidden?
Tantrums, screams, tears, blackmail, laughter, forgiveness, understanding, intimacy and love, love, love! Have you already imagined "Santa Barbara"? But no, here everything is more honest and... more incredible! From misunderstanding and complete absurdity to joy and pleasant coincidences. The paradoxes of our life.
A flash of sexuality in everyday life. And we will never be able to live like before.
The musical design of the performance is a French chanson.