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An evening of French music

3 June 2021, Thu. 19:00
from 6.23 EUR

About event

An evening of French music in Kiev will take place at the ICCI PU (October Palace) on October 30, 19:00. Choose tickets for Parter.ua online or pick them up on forms at the nearest ticket office in Kiev.

"Evening of French Music" in Kiev!

On October 9, 2020, an "Evening of French Music" will be held at the October Palace with the participation of the National Academic Brass Band of Ukraine, the finalists of the "Voice of the Country" show Alina Bashkina and Vitaly Kostenko. Nothing can convey feelings better than a French song. Light, relaxed, deep and dramatic at the same time. Chanson translates from French as "song", but when we hear this word, we know for sure: we are talking about the inimitable Mireille Mathieu, Joe Dassin, Charles Aznavour ...

Concert of French chanson

The authors of the program have selected the best melodies for you to transfer each spectator to the evening Paris. Here love and romance tremble in the air, and music is a constant companion of life. And if you want to take a trip to the capital of fashion and perfume right in the middle of Kiev, the "Evening of French Music" concert is just for you! To get to the evening of chanson in Kiev, buy tickets on our website and at the box office of the city. Ticket prices range from 180 to 770 hryvnia.

Why is it worth going to the "Evening of French Music" concert?

  1. The best songs of the French stage
  2. Sensual performance of soloists
  3. Unforgettable Parisian atmosphere


  • National Academic Brass Orchestra of Ukraine
  • Conductor - Alexey Vikulov
  • Soloists - finalist of the TV show "Voice of the Country" Alina Bashkina and Vitaly Kostenko

І department

I. Cosma - Paris, Montmartre, arranged by T. Mashima

Performed by the orchestra

L. Gugliemi - Lavieenrose (Life in Pink)

M. Monno, J. Mustaki - Milord (Milord)

N. Glanzberg - Padam, Padam (Padam ... Padam ...)

Soloist - Alina Bashkina

A. Serebrennikov - Fantasy on themes by Joe Dassin

Performed by the orchestra

S. Iradier - LaPalomaAdieu (Dove)

J. Brel - Nemequittepass (Don't leave me)

Y. Giraud - SouslecieldeParis (Under the sky of Paris)

Soloist - Vitaly Kostenko

M. Legrand - Theme from the film "Summer of the 42nd"

Performed by the orchestra

S. Aznavour - Unevied'amour (Eternal love)

Soloists - Alina Bashkina, Vitaly Kostenko

ІІ department

K. Frances - Alexandrie Alexandra, arranged by T. Mashima

Performed by the orchestra

J. Brel - Quandonn'aquel'amour (When we only have love)

I. Cosma - AutumnLeaves (Autumn leaves)

P. Carly - Pardonne-moicecapriced'enfant (Forgive me this childish whim)

Soloist - Vitaly Kostenko

Yu. Shchukar - Fantasy on the themes of French melodies

Performed by the orchestra

K. Bruch - Parisian tango

C. Dumont - Non, jeneregretterien (No, I do not regret anything)

J. Petit - CiaoBambino, Sorry (Goodbye baby, sorry)

Soloist - Alina Bashkina

M. Fugen-P. Moriah - What will you be tomorrow

Performed by the orchestra

D. Bayerwald - ComeWhatMay (Be what will be) from the movie "Moulin Rouge"

Soloists - Alina Bashkina, Vitaly Kostenko