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Оpera ABC
Premiere! Opening theatrical season

Оpera ABC
Premiere! Opening theatrical season

Classic third. Opera alphabet for children and their parents

Posed composition
Idea - Vitaly Palchikov
Libretto - Dmitry Todoryuk
Director - Vitaly Palchikov
Conductor - Director - Nazar Yakobenchuk
Artist - Production - the Honoured Artist of Ukraine Lyudmila Nagornaya
Choirmaster - Director - Angela Maslennikova
Choreographer - director - cum. art. of Ukraine Tatiana Borovik

"Opera alphabet for children and their parents" - the third program of cognitive lektoriyno - educational project "Musical Classics". The theater in the form of their lessons, which take place in a fun, relaxed, non-standard setting.

During the performance will be carried out journey into the magical world of opera, viewers will be able to meet interesting facts from the history of opera, visit the best theaters in the world. In an accessible interactive form, held acquaintance with the integral part of any opera performance - scores, and guide in this journey will be great composer Mozart.

After such a classic, hope operatic genre is a favorite and affordable to everyone.

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