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King Operetta! "

"Kalman. King Operetta! "

International Project on National Operetta Ukraine and Budapest Operetta and musical is supported by the Hungarian Embassy in Ukraine . The event is dedicated gifted by God and crowned all the leading theaters of the world , to the great Hungarian composer Emmerich Kalman .

I. Kalman - one of the founders and most prominent representatives of the Viennese operetta. The huge success came to him in 1915 after the premiere of " The Queen Czardas " (" Silva "). The next few years by composer affirm fame as one of the first in its genre. Imre Kalman leave a great legacy of creative twenty operettas , works for orchestra , instrumental pieces, songs, song cycles.

According to the artistic director of the National Operetta z.d.m. Ukraine Bohdan Strutinskogo, neperevershenist greatness and genius of the composer associated with a sense of drama , "All the works of Imre Kalman sound like " on the blade of the knife " as music " throws " the audience with a fire in the cold, from light to darkness, on the verge of true joy and boundless despair. In music, there is even a turn of the head of the character , because all musical phrases dictated not by words, but the internal state , emotions , psychological impetus - the composer ever wrote almost ready to poetry, and his aria pidtekstovuvalysya much later . "

In a festive evening program " Kalman . King Operetta! "- A massive concert featuring top vocalists theater , chorus , ballet , and Operetta Orchestra . Among the numbers: Brand of the " Silva ", " Bayadere", "Violet of Montmartre ", " Maritsa", " Hollandochky" and premieres - Piles Racha aria from " Gypsy Prime "surprise number from the operetta "Duchess of Chicago "and others.

In addition to the magic of music in bright, vivid pleasant surprise shows, the audience waits tour pages interesting and important events in the life of J. Kalman, festive atmosphere and friendly circle of admirers famous composer and many surprises.

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