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Musical Tale " Chipollino "
For Dzh.Rodari "The Adventures Chipollino "
Musical fairy tale in 1 act
Libretto T.Tymoshko - Horyushko

Children's fairy tale "The Adventures Chipollino " Italian writer Gianni Rodari has long been world-renowned classic literature. This work grew more than one generation of children in different parts of the world - the story of a gay boy onions and remains one of the most beloved and popular . Probably because Chipollino - very kind, sincere and knows how to make friends. It helps your friends joins them to fight the enemies and mighty deeds proves that people, when he, together - is a powerful force! Our presentation teaches children to be sensitive , never miss and be able to show wit . It is like to convey to the audience the authors play.

Directed by - Mr. and. Ukraine T. Timoshka - Horyushko
Staged - A. Hrechanovska
Art Director - I. Davydenko

Actors and singers :
Chipollino I. Bespalov - Primak , H. Smith
Sunychka O. Zabashta , 3. Kravchenko , V. Lesik , M. Mandzij
Aunt Maize n . and. Ukraine L. Makovetska with . and. Ukraine L. Kuz'menko , z.p.k. S. Kravchenko Ukraine
Uncle Pumpkin district . and. Ukraine Alexander Kravchenko , n . and. Ukraine O. Trofimchuk with . and. Ukraine V. Makoynikov
Of Crete . and. Of A. Pidgorodetsky with . and. Ukraine S. Naumov
Countess Cherry region . and. Ukraine Vladimir Aleshin - Kostyukova with . and. Ukraine Leonid Belsky , s. and. Ukraine T. Holovchanska - sower
Signor Tomato K. Baskovskyy
Peas Kurbanov A. , A. Tkachev
The play involved dancers , chorus and orchestra

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