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Premiere!Grigory Oster

Performance without intermission.

Premiere: December 29, 2013

Director - Director - Oleg Nikitin

Set Designer - Alex VAKARCHUK

Costume Design - Valentine floaters

Composer - Yuri Shevchenko

Lyrics - Victor Aldoshin

Project Manager - Michael Reznikovich

My dear little friend ! We invite you to go on a fantastic journey where the characters - the little animals - tell a compelling story : about the hare and the cowardly hitryuschie Fox , which has melted in the spring ice hut , and which drove the gray Zainka bast of his own hut , nastraschala and stayed to live in it - fare , and the small rabbit in the woods wandering , tears pouring down , looking for justice .

Tried to help him and the Wolf , and the Bear and Bull and Rooster ...

But what the outcome of this interesting , insightful story , you know , watching our musical fairy tale , with colorful costumes , dancing and hilarious happy ending !

Characters :
Rabbit- Elizabeth Bakulina Irina Buchko , Victoria Tabachuk
Fox , Irina Vladimirov , Elena Eremenko
Wolf - Felix Abroskin
Bear - Father Vladimir Fetisov
Bear - son Alexander Hooks
Bull Anton Eremin , Roman Magritsky
Rooster Gleb Matsibora , Daniel Mireshkin


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