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("Doctor of Philosophy")


  The Ukrayinky Theatre Jule 13 19:00

Jule 13, 19:00
30 – 220 ₴

B. Nusich

Comedy . The play with intermission . (16+)
Premiere: November 29, 2013

Staging - Irina Barkovskaya
Set design and costumes - Helen fractional
Directors - Olga Gavriliouk , Andrew Ryabin
Composer - Yuri Shevchenko
Choreographer - Natalia Burlaka
Translated from the Serbian - A. Khvatova

The cast:

Pianist - Vadim Askevich
Pepik - Zahar Artemenyuk , Mathias Bakos , Lubomir Soulimenko
The children from the orphanage - Maria Gavriliouk , Artem Dibrov , Jan Yanyuk , Ilya Lalenkov

Characters : Belly - Tsviyovich Oziryany Sergei Vladimir Osadchiy
Mara , his wife Olga Kogut, Olga Kulchitskaya
Milorad , their son , Eugene Avdeenko , Artem Yemtsov
Warbler , their daughter Elena Poplar
Milord's girlfriend Elena Chervonenko , Irina Borschevskaya , Anastasia Deriugina , Love Tishchenko , Elena Poplar
Good , brother of Mary and Maxim Nikitin, Vitalii OVTCHAROV
Velimir P. , Milorad - mate Andrei Kovalenko , Vitaly Meterchuk
Dr. Rayser - Michael Augustus , Valery Zaitsev
Mrs. Nina Spasojevic - Nijeradze , Tatiana Ostapenko
Ms. Protic - Kondratovskaya Hope , Natalia Kudryavtseva
Mrs. Dredge , Natalia Kudryashov , Helen Stefanski
Assistant animal Valyuk Alexander , Paul Kilnitsky
Jay- Love Tishchenko , Natalia Shevchenko
Sim's husband Jay- Vladimir Raschuk , Peter Sova
Clara Irene Borschevskaya , Elena Silantyeva
Maritza , the maid - Anastasia Deriugina , Jan Tututchenko

By the work of the famous playwright of the Yugoslav classics of the twentieth - century Branislav Nusic our theater is not drawn for the first time . His comedy " Mrs. ministersha " is now very popular among the audience for over twelve years! Plays this extravagant 's characteristic sharp humor , originality of plot, intrigue surprise and image depth of human character ... and not only.

And now - again on the stage of the scene B. Nusic , with one of his best comedies , " Dr. "! The play , whose solvency test of time , is full of naughty and mild sarcasm.

Hero Belly Tsviyovich , newly wealthy merchant who is obsessed ensure a bright future of his son - idiot ! To do this, it sends the university poor but literate young man by the name of his son , who copes brilliantly with the task and brings such a welcome " degree of Doctor of Philosophy "! Belly rejoice - finally achieve universal acceptance of it , will make its way to the high life , and even be able to get in -law daughter, Minister of Communications , along with kilometers of railways, the promised dowry !

But there is nothing hid, which shall not be made manifest ! Comedic spring begins to spin ...

What will resolve this complicated story , the audience will learn by looking brilliant comedy no less brilliant author !

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