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Opera in two actions


Norma - the lyric tragedy in two acts Italian composer Vincenzo Bellini. Italian libretto by Felice Romani for the tragedy of Alexander the sum of (Alexandre Soumet) «Norma or infanticide» («Norma, ossia L'infanticidio»).

The premiere was held in Milan at La Scala December 26th 1831.

There is an excellent example of bel canto tradition. Home Party - one of the most difficult soprano in the repertory.

It was written for Dzhuditty paste on it belonging to the villa.
She first sang Amin in "somnambulist." Recognized performer Party Norms are Zinko Milanova.

The most famous Norm XX century was Maria Callas.


Pollion, the Roman proconsul - Tenor
Orovezo, High Druid - bass
Norma, the daughter Orovezo, supreme priestess Celts - soprano
Adaldzhiza, priestess at idol Irminsula - soprano
Clotilde, confidante Standards - soprano
Flavius, Centurion, friend Pollion - Tenor
Druids, bards, wool, priestesses, Gallic warriors.

The action takes place in the Romans conquered Gaul.

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