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Caprices. Premiere!
Balet in two actions

Caprices. Premiere!
Balet in two actions 
"Caprice" - Premiere!

N. Paganini - Mikhail Skoryk

Ballet in two acts

"To have a great talent - it's great happiness, but as a rule, mixed half with great suffering,"

Interesting Facts

Once at a concert of Paganini played song on only two strings, which he called "Duet lovers."One of his enthusiastic admirer of the maestro said:
- You are absolutely obnoxious person, do not leave to others ... Who can you beat? Only those who will play on one string, but it's quite impossible.
This idea is very like Paganini, he raised a laugh at, but after several weeks of concerts he played a sonata on one string ...
Silenced the last sounds of the famous war sonatas "Napoleon", no one had not occurred to laugh. "Still, he's not human, it's the devil!", "No one else can so bewitch people," "He makes the strings for the violin from the bowels of their mistresses, and women and cling to him" - flew around the room quiet whisper - "Now all they hear the sounds of hell."

Paganini violin works - one of the most difficult to execute. Not every virtuoso able to accurately follow the author. He himself effortlessly extracted from the incredible violin trills, perform complex variations on one string. He played so that the audience seemed to somewhere hidden second violin, playing with the first.  Another Paganini humanity has not yet been received.

In Italy, in the municipality of Genoa kept Paganini violin genius, which he bequeathed to his native city.To her once a year, according to the established tradition, are the most famous violinists in the world.
The violin is placed in a special showcase at a temperature of 20 degrees and humidity around 50 percent. In other cities take out the violin is extremely rare, the storage location during the tour are kept in the strictest confidence, and the next is always an armed guard.  It is believed that play on this violin can be no more than an hour to the tree is not destroyed by changes in humidity and temperature.
Since 1954, in Genoa, an annual International Paganini Violin Competition.

Caprices. Premiere!
Balet in two actions 
24 caprices for solo violin, op.1, 1802-1817

Caprice № 1 m³ Major: Andante
Caprice number 2, sі mіnor: Moderato
Caprice № 3 m³ mіnor: Sostenuto - Presto
Caprice № 4, to mіnor: Maestoso
Caprice № 5, la mіnor: Agitato
Caprice number 6, the salt mіnor: Lento
Caprice № 7, la mіnor: Posato
Caprice № 8 m³ flat major: Maestoso
Caprice № 9 m³ Major: Allegretto
Caprice number 10, salt mіnor: Vivace
Caprice number 11 in C Major: Andante - Presto
Caprice number 12 in A flat major: Allegro
Caprice number 13, sі-Flat Major: Allegro
Caprice number 14 m³-flat major: Moderato
Caprice number 15 m³ mіnor: Posato
Caprice number 16, salt mіnor: Presto
Caprice number 17 m³-flat major: Sostenuto - Andante
Caprice number 18, in C: Corrente: Allegro
Caprice number 19 m³-flat major: Lento - Allegro Assai
Caprice number 20, in D major: Allegretto
Caprice number 21 in A Major: Amoroso: Presto
Caprice number 22, in F major: Marcato
Caprice number 23 m³-flat major: Posato
Caprice number 24, A mіnor: Tema con Variazioni: Quasi Presto

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