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Ball-Masquerade. Premiere!
Opera in three actions.

Ball-Masquerade. Premiere!
Opera in three actions. 
Masked ball

"Masked Ball" - Giuseppe Verdi's opera on a libretto by Antonio Somma on the story by E. Scribe. The first production took place in Rome's Teatro Apollo February 17th, 1859. The plot of the opera based on a story about the murder of the Swedish king Gustav III, but was heavily modified at the request of censorship. At present many productions used the original Swedish names.

The opera "A Masked Ball" was held on February 17, 1859 in Rome.  About this, 23rd in a row Verdi-rich melodies and vocal variety, said that every phrase in it musically, and each tune vocal.

Russian premiere of "Ball" was held at the Bolshoi Theatre December 8, 1880.  For the first time an opera performed in Russian Anton Bartsal (Richard), Pavel Khokhlov (Renato), August Verney (Amelia) and others have withstood the setting and renewal in the 90s of the XIX century, "Masquerade" has disappeared from the posters in 1902, to return to the Bolshoi only after 77 years in the production of seeds and Algis Zhyuraytisa Stein and sumptuous decoration of the main artist at La Scala, a representative of the famous Russian "painterly" dynasty Nicholas Benois.


Richard, Earl of Warwick, Governor of Boston (Gustav, King of Sweden) - tenor.

Amelia, Renato's wife - soprano.

Renato, husband of Amelia, secretary, Richard (Earl Ankarstrem) - baritone.

Oscar, the page - soprano.

Ulrica (Madame Arvidson), a fortune teller - contralto.

Referee - Tenor.

Sylvan (Christian) - tenor.

Samuel (Count Ribbing) - bass.

Tom (Earl Horn) - bass.

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