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Тhree of love

Тhree of love
РremiereDecember 3, 2013
"Three Love "
A. Duncan , J. Schneider
Stage adaptations T. Litvinenko
National Academic Drama Theater named Zankovetska
Directed by - Mr. and. Ukraine Thais Litvinenko
Art director - of. Doctor of Ukraine Lyudsyla Boyar
Isadora Duncan - of. and. Ukraine Albina Sotnykova
G. Craig , J. Singer , S. Yesenin - Jaroslav Kirhach
Love and Dance - words that speak about the play " Three love ... " by A. Duncan book "My Life " and the memories I. Schneider " Meetings with Yesenin ". What are the talented and famous , when removed make-up suits and rub on your face? Who was Aysydora Duncan - mysterious mystic muse or, alternatively, full of passion and personal desires of a woman, nothing will stop you . We will never know how it really is. We can only speculate , draw sketches and play Aysydory life . Its plastic changed the understanding of dance and its actions of many people.

 " Instsenizatsiya Taisii Litvinenko Isadora Duncan on the book " My Life " a story about a famous dancer of his feelings for men is already interesting. And despite the fact that the actress Albina Sotnikov managed perfectly convey all the feelings experienced dancer, weaving into play even dancing - still seems unbelievable . "
 Dmitry Bobrytskyy edition of " time"
" Beautiful music by Beethoven and Chopin strengthened tragic event. The young actor Jaroslav Kirhach played three roles at once - Gordon Craig , Patrick Singer and Sergei Yesenin - all men dancers . "
Newspaper "High Castle"

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