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Memories of Salomeya

Memories of Salomeya
Рremiere December 2, 2013
 " Remembering Salomeya "
R. Horak

Directed by - Mr. and. Ukraine Alla Babenko
Art director - of. Doctor of Ukraine Lyudmila Boyar
From Salome Krushel'nyts'koi - of. and. Ukraine Borovs'ka Love , n . and. Ukraine Alexander Bonkovska

Creative and privacy Salome Krushel'nyts'koi is beautiful song mystery. One of her many roles - Salome , daughter of Herodias , who was at the head of the holy dance . Thanks to the Oscar Wilde by Richard Strauss musical drama interpreted this image as the clearest expression of love and the fall of mankind. Perhaps between mystical biblical girl and a young singer who perevtilyuvalas it is not only in relation similarity of names ...
The plot story relations outstanding opera diva Salome Krushel'nyts'koi and Ukrainian philanthropist Joseph Bilynska . She fell in love - only once. Bilynsky Joseph was handsome and wealthy man ( personal pharmacist serving Egyptian king). Few people know that his funds in Ukraine built school, seminary , reading it helped financially Boris Hrinchenko Lesya Ukrainian , Ivan Franko , Vasyl Stefanyk ... All his life he loved Salome Krushelnytska not married.
"... Two Salome - a woman and an actress - carry on a dialogue about the innermost : the great love and great tragedy Krushel'nyts'koi . Background are recording their conversation arias performed by the great singer and a black and white dress actresses like emphasize the contrast of her life: fame and recognition on the one hand and suffering, impossible love and loneliness - the other "
Ludmila Pulyaev Newspaper "High Castle"

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