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Looking for work
Kharkov "Theater 19"

Looking for work
Kharkov "Looking for work"
Kharkov "Theater 19"

Group interview in 1 act

Welcome to the world of corporate manipulation , betrayal and hypocrisy. Sit back - recruitment specialists secretly analyze your every step.
Modern office of a large corporation. Four candidates have come here for an interview , each expects to occupy the vacant seat top manager , one is sure that it will conduct a personal interview . But the four candidates have to communicate only with each other , following the will of the invisible examiners and performing their job absurd , psychological tests and checks . However, gradually it becomes clear that not all four - candidates ...
On stage there is a clash of opposite characters vividly . Whose candidacy is most appropriate in a competitive environment , which is more important : the human factor or cynical calculation ? What skeletons are stored in the closet of every job seeker ? Who will win this " game on the fly " : Gabby enthusiast - blooded cynic wit , " Iron Lady " or responsive intelligent ?
Fine psychological games . Provocation. Cascade surprises. What a moment ago seemed a revelation is a sham , calculating fiction. Here are trying to determine the "cost" of each person, and evaluation methods are becoming more sophisticated . Extreme- business conversation does not leave anyone indifferent.

Director - Igor Ladenko.
Cast: Evgeny Belov, Oleg Didyk , Sergei Listunov, Yuri NIKOLAYENKO.

Duration - 1 hour 40 minutes.

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