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While my mother didn't come

While my mother didn't come

The premier performance took place on February 12, 2012

Remy De Vos
Translation Neda Nezhdana

Until Mother Comes
Comedy without intermission

Director of Photography - Christophe Fotriye (France)
Art director Vladimir Karashevskyy
Costume Larissa Chernoff
Choreographer Ludmila Popovici
Musical accompaniment Sergey Sharlaya

Actors and singers:

Simon - Cyril Bean
Madeleine , his mother - Victoria Avdeenko
Anna - Rima Zyubina

Young theater, the French Cultural Center and Embassy of France in Ukraine unites davnyaya friendship. Many years in the Youth Theater events are famous the "French Spring". So the idea of ​​a joint theater project . To do this, France was invited renowned director Christoph Fotriye.U basis of a joint project laid a popular piece of contemporary French playwright Remy De Vosa «JUSQU'À CE QUE LA MORT NOUS SEPARE» (« Until Death Do Us Part ") , author of some twenty plays. Ukrainian language characters of the story by talking translator, playwright unexpectedly inefficient .
A plot of the play is. Hero arrives for the funeral of his grandmother. He returned home - to his mother , which he left ten years ago, loved , which is almost forgotten, and she waited for him all this time . Day of burial, probably not the best time of engagement, and an urn with the ashes unlikely to come from the bride a gift . But black humor that tends to feature performances tragicomedy, only emphasizes the modernity of today's life in which a mobile phone is something like confessor. However, as a spectator.

Running time - 1 hr . 30 minutes.

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