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Five Evenings
producer-director's S.Spivaka

Five Evenings
producer-director's S.SpivakaYouth Theater on Fontanka

Alexander Volodin
"Five Evenings"

Artistic Director of the production - Semyon Spivak

Co-director , Irina Zubzhitskaya
Set design and costumes - Nicholas Slobodjanik
Lighting designers - Eugene Ganzburg , Vitaly Chernuha
Choreographer - Tatiana Tarabanova
Musical arrangement - Dennis Rubin

In 2005, the actress Olga Medynich for the role of Kate was awarded the highest theater prize of St. Petersburg " Golden Soffit " in the category "Best Debut"
The play - participant III All-Russian Theatre Festival . Volodin "Five Evenings" (2006), Shanghai International Arts Festival (2008) , a member of the creative project "Peter - Peter -Moscow "

One of the best plays of Alexander Volodin , a playwright whose work reflected the whole era that lasted for several generations of readers and viewers. His plays do not lose the connection with today's time. The play " Five Evenings" returns audiences to the true values ​​of human life, the motives of love, loyalty and kindness that are so in tune with the Holy volodinskoy drama.
Volodin's play - the simple and obvious value in any language understandable : a virtuous feelings, pure relationship, the selfless , but timid faith in happiness. Therefore the history of men and women - five evenings , separation, war and a new meeting - the history is beyond space and time, clear and close any age . Theatre tells the story of two elderly people whose night life is full of hope and tenderness, not only filled with sadness , but also faith , dream , love ... Heroes of the show - ordinary people , but it sounds heartfelt scenes with concealed motive for years unspent love . Accurate " volodinskaya tone " is needed now in the theater , it returns us to ourselves and make our lives a little kinder ...

The cast: Regina Shchukin , Vladimir Maslakov , Yegor Kutenkov , Elena Radevich , z.a.Rossii Zoe beet , z.a.Rossii Catherine Dronova , z.a.Rossii Peter Zhuravlev , Pauline Prikhodko .
Criticism about the play


The performance turned out to be extremely timeless. No flattering way of life of a communal apartment , semi-official -sounding echo of radio < ... > are the only frame of the drama of human loneliness, brilliantly played out lead actors Regina Schukina and Leonid Osokin . Natural breathing everyday life, making such recognizable everyday vicissitudes of the drama, creating a special music performance.
Natalia Klein, "Business today », № 4.2005

 "Five Evenings" Theatre on the Fontanka - the phenomenon of a kind due to the exceptional strange , sharp and talented actress Regina Schukina . Director Semyon Spivak and director Irina Zubzhitskaya reacted to the "Five Evenings" as the symbolic message of the future. There are signs of a bygone era and nebytovaniya , the eternal beauty of the human resistance.
Alena Karas, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" , 03.05 . 2006

Directed calls closely and carefully scrutinize the only reality that does not allow hibernation - a reality full of privacy, the reality of love . Marvel at the transformations of Tamara - Schukina : the beauty of the glossy cover , it did not, but it was a warm loving woman with a deep voice , intonation and anxiety without any pride ...
Joan Zaretsky , "Behind the Glass ", " Evening Petersburg" , 22.05 2005

Artist Nicholas Slobodjanik not focus on any particular time, but the light dotted line takes you through the scenic design is the Soviet era , indicating the audience on some of its signs .... conventionality , poetry creates a situation tired , as if to wrap up the playground blue color that appears everywhere : and furniture and lighting. It turns out that the audience watching the scene as if through colored glass , which paints the scene in monochrome tones. In this space, the characters live , which can hardly relate to any historical period . They could live and now, twenty, thirty years ago - the theme of loneliness , the theme of the search loved one would have remained as relevant . Directed by deliberately muted and the theme of war , which for Volodin was very important , to the fore here come the relationship between a man and a woman.
Julia Semenova, "Theatrical Petersburg . 2005 . May 1-15

Went to the "Five Evenings " with a certain skepticism ... After a successful film Mikhalkov's not easy to add something ... How nice it is sometimes wrong! Staging , accurate staging , excellent direction of classical Russian school ... Superb ensemble cast ! Olga Medynich would like to mention in particular . I am no longer a young man , brought up in the productions of time BDT BDT encouraging to see a talented , growing at acting young. Thank you!
Andrew L.


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