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The premiere took place on February 17, 2006

In the novel George Andruhovych 

Nadya SimchichPlay in 3 acts

Stage Director - People's Artist of Ukraine Stanislav Moiseev
Art Director -  Andrey DOCHEVSKYY
Costume - Lyudmila Nagornaya
Composer - Yuri Shevchenko
Choreographer - Lyudmila POPOVYCH

Actors and singers:

OTTO VON F. - People's Artist of Ukraine Ostap Stupka
OLELKO II / Jester - People's Artist of Ukraine Oleksiy Vertinsky
Galya - Natalia Vasco
"Sasha" - Igor Portyanko
JRA Golitsyn - Vladimir Kokotunov, Dmitry Tuboltsev
ARNOLD SPARROW - Cyril Bean, Vladimir Chihliaev
Roitman - Stanislav Brzezinski, Roman Ravytskyy
YEZHEVIKIN - Boris Georgievski, Sergei Kycherenko
Nicolae PALKIN - Sergei Kycherenko, Yuri Potapenko
"Downer " - Anatoly Petrov
"Black Stockings " - People's Artist of Ukraine Valeriy Legin, Anatoly Petrov
1st Vietnamese, the first waitress - Joanna Brzezinski, Anna Vasilyeva
Second Vietnamese, second waitress Tatnaketea - Liliana Rebryk, Natalia Voroniuk
Third waitress - Anna Topchiy

The performance is Marina Tyrnovyan

Performance " Moskoviada " the well-known novel of prominent Ukrainian writer Yuri Andruhovych .
In the capital of fraternal peoples at a time when the Communist Empire survive his last days in Literary dorm living poet of Ukraine with awesome noble name - Otto Von His weekdays are filled with friends, lovers and mistresses , and, of course, terrible buster all existing coffee shops and pub in Moscow.
But this time someone's curiosity and cunning plans to pay its usual path , winding in mysterious dungeons, where he witnesses the secret Symposium dead ... Otto Von had to return home soon , but whether he can do it, if he can escape from the dungeon vydryapatysya from the clutches of the KGB and still take the train that goes to Kyiv ..? It can be found only by visiting the show Young Theatre.

Running time - 2 hours  40 minutes.



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