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Eggnog with
two eggs


The Young Theatre -

Eggnog with
two eggsPremiere took place on February 23, 2013

Nikolai Erdman
Translated by Basil Nevolova
Eggnog of two eggs

Comedy in 2 acts

Stage Director - Alexander Merkulov
Art Director - Larisa Chernoff
Plastic solutions - Sergei Fast
Musical accompaniment - Alexander Merkulov
Assistant director - Marina Tyrnovyan
Artistic Director of Production - Andrew Belous

Actors and singers :

PODSYEKALNIKOV SEMEN Semenovich - Igor Portyanko Dmitry Tuboltsev
MARIA Lukyanovna , his wife - Victoria Avdeenko , Anna Vasilyeva
Seraphim Illivna , his in-law - NA Ukraine Tatyana Steblovskyy , Hope Kozlenko
Alexander P. KALABUHIN - Boris Georgievski
MARGARITA IVANOVNA Peresvyetov - Anna Rozstalna , Tatiana Sukhenko
Aristarchus DOMINIKOVYCH GRAND SKUBIN - NA Ukraine Oleksandr Immortal Nicholas Voronenko
Yegorushka - Roman Ravytskyy, Anatoly Somik
Nicephorus ARSENTYEVYCH Pugachev, butcher - Sergei Kycherenko , Jaroslav Chornenka
Victor , the writer - Stanislav Brzezinski
FATHER YELPIDIY priest - Yuri Potapenko
Rajisa Filip - NA Ukraine Lydia Vovkun , ZA Ukraine Tatyana Ihnashkina
CLEOPATRA Maksymivna , milliner - ZA Ukraine Oksana Shvets , Svetlana Bocharov
Little old dressmaker - Elena Kulikovska , Irina Svyetlyakova
Young men - Anatoly curve ( student KNUTKiT )

Losing a job , Semen Semenovich Podsyekalnikov tormented by remorse , because sitting on the neck of his wife is extremely frustrating. After another argument to induce pity, he decides to scare family ... suicide. Poor guy could not even predict that his death will be for many kind of business and profitable , and even desirable event. What to do? The word is not a sparrow , promised - make it! But then I want to live ! This absurd story you will see many comic and perhaps for some friends and situations. So , laughing , says : what it is worth , our life ...

Running time - 2 hours. 30 minutes.

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