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Empty trash
(burn garbage)

Empty trash
(burn garbage)

Empty trash
Genre: Crazy comedy in 2 acts.

Author - Tatiana Ivaschenko.

Staging and musical arrangement - ZA Ukraine Yuriy lonely .

Set and costume designer - Mr. Kravets .

Plastic solution - Ludmila Popovici .

The play is Marina Tirnovyan

Characters :

SOFIA, astropsychologist - People's Artist of Ukraine Tatyana Steblovskaya

Rosa, a psychologist and assistant SOFIA - Anna Vasilyeva , Natalia Vasko

" CHEF ", banker and businessman - Alexander Galafutnik , Sergei Kucherenko

" SHERIFF ", working at the chief - People's Artist of Ukraine Alexander Immortal

" Elvis " , the musician - Cyril Bean

" Susan ," a young girl - Liliana Rebrik , Anna Topchiy

" Helen" , a beautiful woman of indeterminate age - Victoria Avdeenko , Honored Artist of Ukraine Lyudmila Dementieva

Under the enigmatic title «EMPTY TRASH» ... until a mysterious ... although in fact the name is usually . Normal for those who long for the "you" to your computer. «EMPTY TRASH» means: press the button to clear the unnecessary information in the " shopping cart ." Clear the " memory" of a computer. Heroes of the play found a surprising move for a solution to their heart problems. They enlisted the help of a small private clinic , dominated witty psychologists with non-traditional methods of treatment. The basis of their method - outstanding RPG . Role-playing game gives our heroes a chance to experience the incredible event. To feel like other people to understand what prevented them from being happy .

After the end of the game the players return to real life. Did they get rid of their faults? Feel yourself updated ? Lee gave each Role- Playing only an illusion ? And anyway ... Is Roleplay able to program a reality? Is it possible that psychologists were more intelligent life? To this question you will get an answer viewing spectacle.

Defeat destiny! Reincarnated as Elvis Presley ! Return a lost love ! Become a sheriff in the Wild West! It is only by super - heroes ? No! An experienced guide psychologist leads our heroes through a role-playing adventure game to a happy ending.

Running time : 2 hours. 20 minutes. 

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