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mystical comedy

Kharkov "Theater 19"
Mystical comedy in two acts

People often simply lives, going with the flow. He's busy with their daily chores and often about anything significant does not think about until something happens.

Heroes play " DOOR " - Captain, Commander and Professor - each came about his business in the same room. For each of the room at his address and his destiny. And different doors . Heroes try to find an explanation for this confusion , but at this time in the city to declare the country " gas alarm ". Not being able to leave the room , the characters talk about themselves, looking back on his past. Captain, Commander and Professor, trying to understand the situation, then come to a logical and justified conclusions, we get stuck and are unable to explain the fantastic phenomena occurring in the mystical room. And then there is the mysterious woman ...

"Doors" - it can be said to play for everyone: for those who come to the theater to relax, have fun and laugh sparkling jokes, and for those who like to think about the serious and profound things. But not without irony, of course.

Director - Igor Ladenko
Artist - Catherine KOLESNICHENKO

Cast: Oleg Didyk, Sergei Listunov, Yuri NIKOLAYENKO, Natalia Iwanskaya

Duration - 2 hours 20 minutes.

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