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"Turtle" D.Bozin


The Young Theatre -

Lead actor Roman Viktyuk
DMITRY Bozin in play


Director: Dmitry Bozin
Lead actor Roman Viktyuk, ZA Russian Federation - Dmitry Bozin
Pianist, laureate of international competitions - Anastasia Givotovskaya

Lead actor Roman Viktyuk - Dmitry Bozin, known for his roles in productions of "The Maids", "Master and Margarita", "Salome", "King Harlequin", "Masquerade Marquis de Sade" appears in the play, not only as an actor but as a director and poet.

The play sound poems of the great Russian poets - Joseph Brodsky and Marina Tsvetaeva, Love poems by the Spanish poet Juan Jimenez, a song by Andrei Petrov and Alexander Dolsky, jazz improvisations of Gershwin, unforgettable blues Vaya Con Dios and classical music by Chopin, Ravel, Schumann, Grieg.
Releasing internal power works of poets and composers, authors of "Turtles" reveal the ancient power of feelings, dormant in the depths of the human soul. Inviting viewers to follow him, Dmitry Bozin and Anastasia Givotovsky immerse the audience in a different reality, which seems nothing is impossible.

The plot is about a man and a woman in common with many love stories. Like the fantastic characters and Dmitry Bozin, Anastasia Givotovskaya transform into heroes past and present, reconcile themselves fabulous masks and real characters. In a turning point mystical images disappear, vanish mask reveals the true face and remain on the scene - He and She. A man and woman who love each other.
"We need to be wise people, to understand that your feelings do not have to kill another person, especially if you are strong. But, anyway, you are still looking for you in equal passion. The sooner you learn how to define them, the happier they will be space. Because a person can only appear strong, and, throwing himself to it all his energy, you can break it ... "
Dmitry Bozin

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes.
Presented with one interval

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