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Theatre Vladimir Zavalniuk "Transfiguration"

SUCH Shevchenko in school do not study! Theatre Vladimir Zavalniuk "Transfiguration" for the anniversary of the Great Bard is: " Dungeon". Incredible prophetic poet penetration into the past, present and future . It seems that all the forces of cosmic evil agreed to destroy Ukraine - but that is what happened , and there is the fault of the Ukrainian all generations ... And fight on the barricades of history continues, and in this battle Ukraine - seemingly humbled , depressed and nearly destroyed - is indestructible . And the secrets of this miracle no invader unravel ...

Most mysterious work of Taras Shevchenko - Mystery " Dungeon " - directed by the master of mysteries, winner of 14 international festivals Vladimir Zavalniuk.

March 2, 19-00, small stage of the Palace "Ukraine".

Dear customer, you can order and buy tickets on «"Dungeon"», which will be - at "Ukraine" palace
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