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"The Curse of Love"
St. Petersburg Theatre on Vasilevsky

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"The Curse of Love"

Laureates "Golden Soffit"
Tatiana Kalashnikov and Mikhail Nikolayev
in performance
Vladimir Tumanov
(16 +)

based on the play Tatyana Moskvina

The basis of the performance lay correspondence Angelina Stepanova and Nikolai Erdman - an amazing story of love and direct evidence of the tragic events of our history and culture . One of the most talented actresses of the Art Theatre, playing with KS Stanislavsky on the famous stage. One of the greatest playwrights of the twentieth century, the author of world-renowned plays " Mandate " and " Suicide". Their united life when both were young, happy, despite all the difficulties of life. Their romance lasted seven years.

Director - Vladimir Tumanov
Art director - Elena Dmitrakova
Costume Designer - Stefania Graurogkayte

Cast: Tatiana Kalashnikova, Mikhail Nikolayev

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