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Bury Me Behind the Baseboard

Bury Me Behind the BaseboardDear viewers!

The play transferred from 04.03. on 22.03.2014g. All purchased tickets are valid.

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Bury Me Behind the Baseboard

Monoperformance Eugene Barsukov (Theatre "YUZ")

Monoperformance Eugene Barsukov - easy and simple . Those who have not read the book Paul Sanaeva will understand everything and even more . Anyone who has read naturally waiting for something of their own. Eugene Badgers " give " them Sanaeva , funny and touching , without theatricalism . Indifferent to this show does not happen.

Newspaper "East Project":
"I could not hold back my tears!"

Solo performance by the product P. Sanaeva "Bury Me Behind the Baseboard " made ​​many cry. " After the speech, I cried Eugene Barsukov . There are no words. He is very thin and has experienced all passed . It is important that the actor did not beat , and denounced all the emotions and thoughts to the extent necessary "- says Natalia . The fate of a little boy , his story about his life, injuring a series of memories and nuances of family relationships touched many in the audience. Eugene Badgers very subtly conveyed the image of her grandmother, forever cursing all around, and " mom - Chumochki ", which is the only meaning of the child's life , and feelings of the child, who is forced to live by the laws of life absurd , invented by his grandmother. Many viewers called solo performance theater " YUZ " one of the best in the festival "Theatre legend 2013 " them. M.D.Silaev.

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