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Igor Pogodin
recital on the quality of life

Igor Pogodin
recital on the quality of life22, 23 and 24 April
"At the risk of being alive"
recital of life and relationships

Do you know what it means to feel the taste of life? When was the last time you felt gratitude for passing day? But excuse sincerely rejoice and be happy is always there. It is believed that to live a full life - this skydive, scuba diving, feeding the body with adrenaline and learning limits for himself. However, it is not. Much more important than striving to diversify their everyday lives , bringing them something new, and the ability to detect life in life itself. For those who are willing to learn to enjoy life , to treat it as an inexhaustible source of happiness, we suggest that you visit a recital of " the risk of being alive."

" At the risk of being alive " - three evenings on how to live your life quality . About the ability to be a real , live here and now . How to be happy and successful build relationships. Myths and Realities. About feelings , intimacy and fear. Finding yourself and how to deal with it. About the experience - as the value of life and the source of strength.

Sincerely expect everyone who is interested in practical psychology, both for professional development and for personal interest.

For those who want to understand the relationship, as they are built, and how differently they behave in people.

The three-day event, " the risk of being alive " will be held in the format of public speaking master.
In the bright presentation Igor Pogodin talk about his psychotherapeutic experience unbanal of human history, with which he was confronted about private difficulties and problems in relationships. You will be able to communicate directly to ask questions and get professional comment.

You can ask your question and get an answer from the mouth of a professional.

Igor Pogodin - talented therapist and a charismatic personality, author of books and articles on the subject of practical psychology. And also: Ph.D., associate professor, known Gestalt therapist, supervisor and trainer. Lead Trainer and member of the Professional Council of the Moscow Gestalt Institute , Director of the Institute of Gestalt ( Minsk) . Chief Editor of "Bulletin of Gestalt therapy." Author interactive model of Gestalt therapy . Full member of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT), the International Federation of organizations teaching Gestalt (FORGE), the Belarusian Association of Psychotherapists , the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League. Except Belarus, Igor is well known in Ukraine and Russia ....

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