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Theater "Teulis"

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24 September 2022, Sat. 18:00
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About event

Theater "Teulis" in Kyiv will take place in Kyiv Conservatory on 2022-09-24, 18:00. Get your tickets online or collect at the box office

Teulis Shadow Theater :

- The theater conquered and surprised many world capitals.

- An original combination of high-class acrobatics, theater, optical illusions, excellent soundtrack and stunning video projections.

- The most unusual and most sought-after theater today.

Teulis Shadow Theater will present the legendary show "Your Shadow"!


In 2014, the theater created a resonant number "Cry of the Soul", in 2022 this number received a new reading and we hope that the audience will appreciate this work.

The art of theater is several thousand years old, but in recent decades this genre has experienced a revival and an unprecedented upgrade.

The shadow theater is amazingly simple in idea, and miracles of transformation are subject to it. All the actor has to do is step behind the translucent screen, as the cartoon begins for the audience: dark figures grow out of each other, transform, change in size. Teulis Shadow Theater proves that all fantasies can be turned into life with the help of the shadows of the human body. You will immerse yourself in a magical show and breathtaking choreography, which will easily capture your heart ...

Over the past 8 years, TEULIS Shadow Theater has been a finalist in the biggest talent shows in Italy, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He toured in Finland, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Belarus, and in Japan, 35,000 spectators gave the artists a standing ovation.