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About event

The first Ukrainian-language Stand-Up Comedy is a fresh breath of Ukrainian stand-up comedy in the native language, in which everyone recognizes himself!

Stand-up is a bold and frank humor about us and what is happening around. At the concert, each spectator becomes a part of the stand-up comedy. Comedians sincerely share their thoughts and emotions that will not leave anyone indifferent!

First Ukrainian-language Stand-up Comedy - NEW AND BEST!

  • IVAN ZHORNOKLEY is a resident of Kiev with the ambitions of a visitor. A young family man in his thirties.
  • SERGEY STEPANYSKO - Master of Ukrainian Literature and Women. Philologist, works in IT.
  • VLADIMIR EVCHUK is a one and a half meter comedian. I got married in order to then wear clothes for my children.
  • SVYATOSLAV MARCHENKO is a lonely vegetarian. Collects rented apartments and cities.
  • RAMIL YANGULOV is a comedian from Zhitomir. Raises a daughter and herself, in order to protect her from fans in the future.
  • MAXIM KRAVETS is a family expert. A man who has been married for six months and ten years.

The duration of the program is 90 minutes. The show program is presented in Ukrainian. Recommended for people over 18 years old.

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