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10 October 2020, Sat. 20:00
from 41.52 EUR

About event

Scryptonitis in Kiev! We are waiting for you on May 30 at 20:00 in the Stereo Plaza.

Why go to a scriptonite concert?

1. This concert for connoisseurs of high-quality rap is one of the most anticipated events of the year.
2. Emotional tracks and a signature reading of Scriptonite are all that fit into the concept of a cool evening.
3. The artist’s tours are scheduled for the year ahead: seize the moment and take the maximum from communicating with the idol!

Scryptonite in Kiev: unique style and powerful energy

On May 30, a concert of the talented and charismatic rapper Skryptonit will be held at Stereo Plaza. The revolutionary of the genre and the author of original tracks will give everyone an unforgettable evening. The main thing is to call all your friends and book tickets in advance!

Scryptonite concert - a great chance to hear your favorite tracks and enjoy the original flow

He is called Kendrick Lamar of Russian-speaking hip-hop. The rapper himself defines his work as “Kazakhstan rap”, and the real name of the popular author and artist is Adil.

The work of Skryptonite for several years has been actively enriching the direction of popular non-profit rap. He is appreciated for his original style, high-quality rhythms and signature beats. Scryptonite never listened unless ... but there are none! Attracts a guy to himself with unique charisma and magnetic energy. Well, and, ultimately, they just do not become residents of the iconic Gazgolder label!

A theme that is close and understandable to everyone and an unreal atmosphere when you are on the same wavelength with a thousand hearts is the long-awaited concert of Scriptonite in Kiev!