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3 July 2021, Sat. 19:00
from 15.57 EUR

About event

SBPCH in Kyiv! On July 3, a large summer concert of the well-known St. Petersburg band SBPCH will take place on the South Coast (Trukhaniv Island, Kyiv).

Why should you go to the SBPC concert in Kyiv?

  1. Be the first to hear the tracks of the new album 'From the words of the tree recorded correctly'.
  2. Appreciate branded lyrics and special melodies.
  3. Cool to spend the evening in the unrestrained rhythm of dance.

Incredible SBPC with a big concert in Kyiv

July 3 at your favorite location South Coast - a popular indie band SBPCH with a big concert! 'The Biggest Simple Number' is ready to give you the loudest event of the season. Get ready to stay on your feet, getting into the very epicenter of powerful emotions.

Have you decided on a colorful journey to the music world of SBPCH? - Then have time to order tickets!

SBPCH presents a new album 'From the words of the tree recorded correctly' on the South Coast

The extraordinary team is already accelerating to deliver a new masterpiece to Kyiv in time. So the wait is really short.

In a wonderful atmosphere that permeates the location of the South Coast, the popular St. Petersburg band will present a new album 'From the words of the tree recorded correctly'. The album is full of rhythmic hip-hop, special electronics, quiet trip-hop - everything you are waiting for. It includes three new tracks and four remixes of modern electronic producers and DJs. Experiments with sound, of course, will also be. And the texts will please with branded simplicity like 'The main thing is that we are happy, so we are invincible'.

Today SBPCH successfully fulfill the mission of messengers of kindness, hugs, dances. Even about longing, they can speak in a positive tone.

Each live of the band is another portion of surprises: a performance with an orchestra, special visual feints. You will soon find out what will impress you this time!

Where to buy tickets for the SBPC concert in Kyiv?

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