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"ROMEO & JULIET". Kateryna Kukhar and Oleksandr STOYANOV

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12 February 2022, Sat. 19:00
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About event

"ROMEO & JULIET". Kateryna Kukhar and Oleksandr STOYANOV in Kyiv will take place in ICCA OCTOBER PALACE on 2022-02-12, 19:00. Get your tickets online or collect at the box office


For the first time in Ukraine, the premiere of the world ballet "Romeo and Juliet" based on the tragedy of the same name by William Shakespeare. Ballet in 2 acts. The main roles are played by the most beautiful ballet couple in Europe - Kateryna Kukhar and Oleksandr Stoyanov, who will present the ballet production for the first time in a large all-Ukrainian tour.

Composer - Sergei Prokofiev.
Choreography and staging by Valery Kovtun.

The plot of the ballet unfolds in the Renaissance against the backdrop of the cheerful streets of the Italian city of Verona.
Lively and artistic music is confronted by tense dramatic episodes related to the blood feud and fierce hatred of the Montecchi and Capuletti families. In the atmosphere of this confrontation, the sincere and poetic love of young Romeo and Juliet, who belong to two opposing hostile families, is born. This love was destined to become the personification of spiritual beauty and humanity, which is forced to die tragically under the oppression of harsh social conditions.

"Romeo and Juliet" performed by Alexander Stoyanov and the weightless Catherine Cook is called the anthem of love of Shakespeare's characters.

Ballet performers:

Oleksandr Stoyanov: “I danced my premiere of Romeo with a ballerina I am in love with. She later became my wife. That's why I haven't had to play on stage and I still don't have to. "

Kateryna Kuhar: “Juliet's party is very complicated. It is necessary to show not only the youth and love of the heroine, but also her inner strength, character ... Agree, go against the will of parents, and then decide not to live without a lover - only a girl with a very strong character can do it.
I was offered to prepare Juliet's party at a very difficult time for me after I experienced personal grief. And I am very grateful for the opportunity, because working on ballet brought me back to life… "