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21 July 2021, Wed. 20:00
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Pixies in Kyiv will take place in Art-zavod Platforma on 2021-07-21, 20:00. Get your tickets online or with courier delivery. Or make an order to collect them

at the nearest ticket box.

Pixies will arrive in Ukraine for the first time with the presentation of a new album

At the end of the twentieth century, one of the most popular music genres was alternative rock - honest, sincere, emotional music. Many bands snatched theirs, but only a few were able to maintain the cult status and loyal fan base to this day.

Among them is the Boston Pixies quartet, which will perform in Ukraine for the first time on July 21, 2021 and will present the new album Beneath the Eyrie at the Platforma art factory.

The Pixies career can be called one big paradox. The band gained national fame, but at the same time became commercially successful after many years. They are very moderately popular in the United States, but in Europe they are simply adored.

Despite these paradoxes, the Pixies have become one of the most important bands of their generation, whose authority and influence have not diminished to this day. Alternative rock for them is just a collective image. Pixies have improved themselves in many areas: indie rock, surf rock, punk rock, noise rock. Probably, in any kind they are good.

They were also loved for contradictory texts - hallucinogenic and defiantly eloquent. Pixies did not hesitate to flirt with religious themes, psychological problems, extraterrestrial life and even the theme of incest.

Not surprisingly, many bands that appeared in the nineties and zeros grew under the influence of the Pixies.

Kurt Cobain for the song Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit wanted to repeat the style of Pixies: "I wanted to write the best pop song and tried to write it as the Pixies would do. I love them so much that I probably had to listen to them. Well. , or at least play a tribute band. "

Bono of U2 called the Pixies "one of America's greatest bands," Tom York of Radiohead said the Pixies had changed his life, and David Bowie once acknowledged that the Pixies' music was the brightest thing to appear in the 1980s.

Pixies are so popular that from the late nineties to the mid-zero in their honor recorded seven collections of cover songs, which were attended by Weezer, OK Go, Nada Surf, British Sea Power and many other teams.

The Beneath the Eyrie album, which will be presented by Pixies in Kyiv, does not change their principles: tenacious melodies, loud guitars and delicate themes. Beneath the Eyrie goes great in headphones, but live will sound even better, especially with a pack of major hits.

Kyiv, July 21, 2021 Platform Art Factory