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Theatre of ice miniatures
Swan lake


Theatre of ice miniatures 
Swan lakeTheatre of ice miniatures under direction of Igor Bobrin - not just collective that drives about worldwide from show-programs. Theatre of Bobrin can be named the kind, but a real fairy tale. In it figure skaters-professionals - champions of former Soviet Union, the Europe and the world act: Igor Bobrin - the deserved master of sports, the champion of the Europe, Elena Vasjukova - the champion Moscow, the owner a cup of the USSR, Dmitry Smirnov - the champion of Moscow, Ekaterina Proskurina - the champion Moscow, Ilya Kalashnikov - the owner of a cup of Russia and other actors of theatre.

But the main actors of theatre, undoubtedly, can be named well-known Natalia Bestemjanovu and Andrey Bukin - fivefold champions of the Europe, quadruple world champions, Olympic champions, world champions among professionals.


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