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Sleeping Beauty
Christmas Ball-musical 2014


Fairmont Grand hotel Kyiv -

Sleeping Beauty
Christmas Ball-musical 2014The fascinating spectacle, unexpected developments , impressive choreography, eternal music, fairy lights, adorable costumes and atmosphere of this fabulous palace.

And most importantly - it's the emotions that inspire your heroes. Sincere and charismatic , and they make cry and laugh.
They prove that the power of love, courage and sincerity work wonders , but true love is not limited neither time nor distance nor space. And no dark force can not overcome the power of the spirit!

 In vivid and unforgettable musical about eternal love to the audience wait :

- Regal masquerade
- Presentation of visitors to the King and Queen tseremoniymeystrom
- The court games and fun with the royal jesters and mimes
- European Christmas fair sweets, souvenirs, colorful books, design porobok
- Workshop of the palace and ballroom etiquette
- Dedication of the Knights
- Exhibition of art works by French designer Erwan Bouvet
- Photoshoot with professionally lit interior of the royal palace with fabulous characters and a charming picture immediately after the performance (Photoshoot and cost of instant photo printing is not included in the ticket price.)
-The price of each ticket is a sweet design metal gift box.
-Every 2-3 numbers will gradually rise above the past. Recent Hall - 1.5 m above the level of the 1st row ..

1. Guest Presentation Ceremonies King and Queen will take place before the show in the ballroom at the ball . Children will be able to talk to the king and queen , who will meet them on the stage , dance floor , dancing with the court .
Before the start of the musical master of ceremonies will notify all the guests that the performance begins and ask to take their seats in the auditorium.
During most of the musical all the spectators are in their places .

2. Photoshoot possible before and after musical.
After the musical will be photographed with the characters .
It offers a professional photographer and light , exquisite scenery , actors .
Printed photos after submission plus all successful shots - by email : price - 100 UAH .

3. Attire can be a carnival or ball . Both children and adults.
Welcome dress code. Evening , ballroom or cocktail dresses for women , tuxedos or suits for men .
This - family ball !

 up to 3 years free admission

Let this Christmas will be special for your family!

BAL commencing 1 hour prior to submission!

Sleeping Beauty
Christmas Ball-musical 2014

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