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Adventures of Masha and Vitya on New Year's

Adventures of Masha and Vitya on New Year's

Dear viewers in connection with the situation in the country, for technical reasons, we are forced to cancel performances of "The New Adventures of Masha and Viti" on December 23,25,26,27 and urge you, no matter what, do not deprive kids holiday and consider replacement option you have purchased tickets for the date of December 21,22,28,29,30. We will be glad to see you at our Christmas performances.

Have a big smiles, a lot of gifts and a real miracle during the holiday season!

The most luxurious children's project in 2012 !

Brand new, with nothing comparable to what has been previously . Musical- adventure tale legendary 70s , beloved by many generations ! Contemporary choreography and music world hits ! Christmas show will embody the most talented members of television projects : " Ukraine's Got Talent ", " Tantsyuyut Vsi ," " The X Factor " and " Voice Kraina " . This tale is of interest to all : as the youngest viewers , and their parents ! Live animation, in which viewers participate with the actors ... and of course the gifts from Saint Nicholas !
History honors pupil of Masha and computer genius Vitya that started on New Year 's morning dispute : whether there are miracles in the world .
Suddenly the children from Santa Claus know that Maiden gone , took her to his kingdom Koschey to and they also had a holiday . Masha and Victor called to save Snow White and Santa Claus sends them into a fairy tale . They fall into a magical forest , on their way they meet Baba Yaga , Goblin , cat Matthew, who let them in every possible way to find Snow White . But the trick , agility , courage and resourcefulness Masha and Viti , for good deeds, fairy forest rewards children magic that brings them into the realm Kashcheja . And there, and all the fun begins ...
That's Victor believed in miracles, but they are actually just Masha found many new, good friends. After all quadrupeds that friendship and kindness can work miracles .

Children under 3 years free of charge passed, one ticket to an adult without the right to occupy space.

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