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New Year's Security Agents

New Year's Security AgentsDear parents, grandparents , and our youngest viewers .
We congratulate you on your holidays approaching , the New 2014 Year and Merry Christmas!
We wish you a new year of happiness, health, joys MUCH!
Let the heart be glad, let the heart sing!
A festive mood , all year does not go away!

Your Kyiv Regional Academic Music and Drama theater. PK Saksahansky.

Who visited at least once in the theater on New Year's Day , coming back again and again. And kids leads. What joy, happiness kids eyes glow ! Children believe in miracles , because they see how they are made !

You will be back as a child and with children dive into the wonderful world of fairy tales - a world of good, joy and sincerity. We offer you, for family viewing, amazing adventure tale : " New Year's Security Agents " which will be held from 2 to 6 January in the Central House of Officers . Young and adult viewers will see a real fairy magical show with dancing, acrobatics, hilarious jokes and incendiary songs.
Before the performance the children will find a fascinating interactive game with prizes and gifts. Also photoshoot with the main characters of fairy tales.

Each ticket is large sweet gift!

What fairy tale ?

New Year's in jeopardy - the evil witch has stolen Kai, and celebration can not happen. Gerda goes looking for a friend. But how can fight on their own frail girl with witch and her assistants ? Of course, the aid of friends - a charming fairy and familiar fairy-tale characters - Santa Claus, Snow Maiden , Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs , Puss in Boots, Bath and others. But young viewers will not be left behind. To dispel evil spell , they will travel through fairyland, rozhaduvatymut puzzles will perform challenging tasks and must prevail evil wizards, and save New Year.

Running time: 90 minutes.

Attention ! Kids under 5 years old, entrance is free, without seating .

Dear friends!
It's time to work miracles and giving gifts!  
Best Christmas family tale is waiting for you !

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