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"Christmas Fixі SHOW!"

"Christmas Fix SHOW!"

The original children's show based on the animated series " Fiksiki " from the creators of Project Ltd. production company " Airplane " and the production company LLC " Sing ".

In the days of the long-awaited festival will be held New Year's Eve in the company of cheerful cartoon characters loved " Fiksiki ."

"And who are fyksyky - big - big secret! " - It is sung in the song of Fiksiki . Until recently, people knew almost nothing about these little men that live inside the machines and devices. Fyksyky care of equipment inside , clean it, lubricate , remove minor damage. They are - skilled and conscientious master. Fyksyky used to hide from people, but they are everywhere: on computers , refrigerators, televisions ... Everyone remembers about when idle gear suddenly started to work on it if a little bang . It's simple: in all woke Fiksiki established . And now these mysterious hardworking fellows can watch cartoons or get to know them closer to New Year's performances!

But fyksyky are tiny - they did manage to see on stage? Do not panic ! We help Professor Genius E. Chudakov . He invented an amazing device that can magnify objects and living beings in many, many times. Seven and Nolyk first bit afraid to experiment - but then decided ... And of course , this is no pity ! Is that harsh Ume Palatovne , administrator theater hall had worried . But that is not done , all the better! And to find out what has happened to our heroes - come to" fix Christmas Show"!

Children enthusiastically watch the adventures of little men , and adults will appreciate the educational goals of the project for the new generation. Christmas " fix -SHOW " brings the main characters of the series " Fyksyky " on TV for the living to communicate with the audience. Children will be able to witness your favorite characters and play with them in interactive music games .
In NO SHOW fabulous wonders when magic can not be justified , but it is a miracle that make both children and adults to open his mouth in surprise!
We wait for you at the most unusual idea in the history of the Christmas holidays!

P.S. Young children under 5 years free of charge ( without extra bed ).
Program performance is designed for children from 3 to 12 years , duration of 1 hour.
Sitting in the audience raised a sharp rise , ie the following every seat is higher than the other , opening a good look. With locations around the edges, too, can be clearly seen, the hall is very compact. In front of the artist is convenient parking.

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