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Masha and the Bear.
Alle-op! New Year!

Masha and the Bear.
Alle-op! New Year! " Masha and the Bear . Alle- op ! New Year ! "

Original children's performance based on the animated series " Masha and the Bear " project from the creators of Studio LLC " ANIMAKKORD " and OOO " Masha and the Bear "
What did Potapych Bear at the station?
Where did he get some new friends?
And ... who kidnapped Masha?

On these and many other issues that interest each , kids can find the answers by looking at a new unforgettable show " Masha and the Bear . Alle- op ! New Year ! "
New Year - the most suitable and magical time to stand up to the ears with cartoon characters, Masha and the Bear . Religious characters of one of the most popular children's cartoon again delight , intrigue and fun.

New animated story of life is filled with exciting adventures of heroes , unforeseen situations , unexpected discoveries and, of course , these Christmas miracles !
Alluring lights circus. Misha wants to again become " a highlight " in the circus and trying to regain the glory of the stars. But all his efforts can fail : because next slut Masha, who sincerely wants to help a friend , but instead only disturbs and disrupts all plans .

Panda and Cub , new friends Bear decide in that that was podsobit clubfoot . Of conspirators decides to return home BALOVNITSA - naturally, without putting it into prominence. Potapych not remain aloof from the conspiracy , taking the side of buddies.

Under cover of night , dressed in ridiculous costumes extremely robbers , Misha, Panda and Tiger kidnaps Masha. They pack a girl in a bag and carry the load in the direction of the station. However, this idea takes an unexpected turn ...
Having escaped from the kidnappers , Mary decides that they stole along with her dear friend and Bear. Girl loves adventure begins pursuing unsuspecting psevdopohititeley but loses sight of them , due to their questionable drawn to new acquaintances .

Draws attention bewildered Masha noise station. She thinks that the kidnappers are going to take her friend from the magic forest in secret, but because it is the way straight to the rail. Mischievous stealthily enters the train going to " the farthest and coldest North" ...
From this point on circus history Masha and the Bear gets a new reading , turning the comic adventures of an eccentric in the best traditions of western masters ironic adventure genre O'Henry.

P.S. Young children up to 5 years free of charge ( without seat ) .
Program performance is designed for children from 3 to 12 years , duration 1 hour .
Seats in the hall supplied with a sharp rise , ie each next seat is higher than the other , which offers a nice view . With locations around the edges , too, can be clearly seen , the hall is very compact . Before the House of Artist convenient parking space

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