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About event

Molchat Doma in Kyiv! A concert of the famous indie band from Belarus Molchat Doma will take place on May 28 at the Green Theater in Kyiv.

Why go to a Molchat Doma concert in Kyiv?

  1. Cool musicians in the status of new indie heroes.
  2. An original work that dissolves in the sound aesthetics of the 80's.
  3. The band from Minsk has already gained popularity in the West: the capital's audience is no exception.

Belarusian band Molchat Doma with a big concert in Kyiv

On May 28 on the stage of the Green Theater - a popular band from Minsk Molchat Doma with a big concert! To hear Molchat doma live is to dive headlong into postpunk, synthwave and indie rock in their brightest manifestations. Already widely known in the United States and Europe, the team is absolutely ready to introduce everyone to their special work. Come on!
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The group Molchat doma with its strict, spontaneous and at the same time light music on the stage of the Green Theater

Initially, the music of Molchat Doma "came" to the Western public. And this is not surprising: the period of the 80s in Europe and America is associated with everything new - music, fashion, culture. At the same time, the post-Soviet space suffered from a deficit and economic stagnation: the memories are a bit different to tie them to the music of a new phenomenon of post-punk (that's what they call Molchat doma).
But over time, our people have revealed a real taste of sound aesthetics from the Belarusian band. And now in the works of Molchat Doma some people feel the energy of Kino. Foreign audiences distinguish Motorama's motives. So the songs of the Belarusian indie band proved their relevance and influence on the listener! 'Floors', 'Ship' and other works of the team give a vision of the future through the prism of musical nostalgia. And it is incomparable!

Where to buy tickets for the Molchat Doma concert in Kyiv?

Tickets for the Molchat Doma concert can be issued in a few minutes on the Parter.ua website online.