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16 October 2020, Fri. 20:00
from 15.54 EUR

About event

LSP in Kiev! The long-awaited concert of the cool Belarusian rapper LSP will take place on October 16 at the Stereo Plaza club in Kyiv.

Why go to a LSP concert in Kyiv?

  1. Quality music and a party thirsty for a real break.
  2. Each concert of the rapper is a unique event that goes down in history.
  3. Current ironic lyrics and branded melodic performance.

An original and unique LSP in Kyiv with a big concert

On October 16, Stereo Plaza will host the original and ironic Belarusian author and performer LSP. Many people undertake to decipher the stage nickname of the rapper. But the most common version is Lil 'Stupid Pig (isn't that what the artist's fresh album is about?)

But - all in order. At first, Oleg Savchenko tried to move away from boring post-Soviet hip-hop and join the wave of multi-genre pop music. Then the rapper introduced into his tracks spectacular electro-pop, caustic chatter and skillful, unlike anything flow. And then - filled the world of hip-hop with bizarre romance and charged thousands of fans with sincere feelings.

And you still have no tickets? - It's time to fix it!

LSP pumps Stereo Plaza with the best tracks, which demolishes the roof. There will be works from the new album

"Better than the Internet", "Coin", "Lambada", "Cocktail" and many other cool tracks seek to hear fans of LSP at the concert in the capital. But no less expected is the presentation of a new album with a non-trivial title "Pig's Snout". Some consider the album brilliant. And why not? After all, even the authoritative publication The Flow christened the record a "rap musical" and hinted at the uniqueness of the material in comparison with the modern content of the Russian-language rap industry.

The main theme of LSP tracks is love, in any of its manifestations. Come and share powerful emotions with hundreds of siblings!

Where to buy tickets for the concert of LSP in Kiev?

Tickets for the LSP concert are already waiting on Parter.ua. Order e-tickets or come to our ticket offices on letterheads.