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16 June 2021, Wed. 19:00
from 31.14 EUR

About event

LIL KRYSTALLL & PLATINA in Kyiv! A concert of popular modern rappers LIL KRYSTALLL & PLATINUM will take place on June 16 at the UBK in Kyiv.

Why should you go to the LIL KRYSTALLL & PLATINA concert in Kyiv?

  1. The long-awaited meeting with idols.
  2. Branded performance of the best hits, firmly holding thousands of fans.
  3. Steep gap under straight and clear tracks.

LIL KRYSTALLL & PLATINA with a loud concert in Kyiv

Be sure to come to the UBK on June 16 to hear live tracks from LIL KRYSTALLL and PLATINUM! Cool performers are combined by origin (both from Latvia) and huge popularity. Ulans (Lil Crystal) and Robert (PLATINA), some of the brightest representatives of the new hip-hop school, are ready to ignite in a childless way. And it's worth becoming your must have in the new season!

Hurry up to order tickets for all of you.

LIL KRYSTALLL & PLATINA will perform the main hits and new works at the concert venue of the UBK

Young and already insanely popular rappers will create all the conditions for you to forget about gravity and go into complete isolation. We invite you to another reality, which will be created just before your eyes by original artists.

Talented and infinitely charismatic LIL KRYSTALLL (also - Crystal, Fakboy) is known for its special minimal style, which eliminates all unnecessary sounds from the tracks. The artist's work is full of pathos and has nothing to do with censorship.

Rapid popularity caught up with LIL KRYSTALLL in 2018 with the release of his first album No Label. Now the artist has a tight touring schedule and full halls at concerts (which is a cool achievement for the rapper). The artist's songs are broken down into quotes, and the clips break records for the number of views.

PLATINA captivates fans with its original style - gloomy and somewhat offended, which fits perfectly into the boundaries of the chatter. The artist presented his first works under the nickname 'pritistrit'.

Successful collaborations between LIL KRYSTALLL and PLATINA include collaborations with OG Buda, Feduk and others.

See you!

Where to buy tickets for the concert LIL KRYSTALLL & PLATINA in Kyiv?

Tickets for the LIL KRYSTALLL & PLATINA concert in Kyiv can be purchased online at Parter.ua.