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Kyiv Modern Ballet. Giselle Radu Poklitaru

3 October 2020, Sat. 19:00
from 1.73 EUR

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Зверненнян організатора

Любі наші глядачі! Вистави, заплановані на червень та липень, перенесено на вересень:

Балет "Жізель" з 25 червня перенесено на 3 жовтня

Звертаємо вашу увагу, всі квитки придбані на вистави, що потрапили у карантин – ЗАЛИШАЮТЬСЯ ДІЙСНИМИ до кінця 2020 року. (Обмін квитків на іншу виставу можливий після завершення карантину. Для цього необхідно буде звернутися до адміністратора театру Станіслава Позднякова, тел.: 050-595-29-48)

The play "Giselle" from Radu Poklitaru in Kiev. September 24 at the stage of the October Palace - the modern ballet "Giselle" staged by stunning Radu Poklitaru.

Why is it worth going to the ballet "Giselle" from Radu Poklitaru in Kiev?

  1. Rate the new version of the famous ballet.
  2. Discover the creative courage and creativity of the director.
  3. Inspired by the inimitable skill of the artists of Kiev Modern Ballet.

The ballet "Giselle" from Radu Poklitaru in Kiev

On October 3, we invite you to the October Palace for the enchanting ballet "Giselle" directed by Radu Poklitaru. An amazing experimenter and innovator continues to amaze and inspire the viewer. Do not miss the vivid performance!

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Inimitable artists of the Kiev Modern Ballet Theater on the stage of the Oktyabrsky Palace

The Giselle ballet will be performed for you by the stunning artists of the Kiev Modern Ballet Theater. The team has gained wide popularity both in Ukraine and far beyond its borders. The Radu Poklitaru Theater is actively touring and has already captivated the public of France, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania, Portugal, Belarus, South Korea and other countries. In the nomination “Best Performance of the Year” the theater received 5 awards “Kiev Pectoral”.

In a modern production, Adolf Adan's music sounds harmoniously intertwined with a new choreographic vision of Radu Poklitaru. His Giselle is a destitute child suffering from class division. The heroine’s desire to find love and become happy, unfortunately, does not end in a happy outcome. But at the same time, Gisele Radu Poklitaru remains a symbol of internal struggle and fortitude.

Libretto, choreography and staging by Radu Poklitaru.
Scenography - Andrey Zlobin.
Costume Designer - Anna Ipatieva.

Where to buy tickets for the ballet "Giselle" from Radu Poklitaru in Kiev?

You can order tickets for the Giselle performance from Radu Poklitaru in the October Palace in Kiev on the Parter.ua website.